Client impressions

I take the client's personality, character and wellness status into consideration when designing their Healing and Wellness Plan.  The education process is equally as important as the shift towards wellness...this takes time, self patience and awareness.  I'm here to support you through this process.  

Your customised Healing and Wellness Plan includes Nutritional, Lifestyle Modification and Supplement suggestions.  I also include Yoga to support your body, mind and soul, which helps expedite the healing process.


Weight Loss Journey

"I’ve known for years that my relationship with food needed an overhaul. I knew it was not going to be easy and would involve major changes in behaviour. So, of course, I avoided it.


At the same time I watched with interest as Alex began her studies and made big changes in her life around food and gut health. So 2018 was to be the year and Alex and I began the journey.


It was softly softly at first with small adjustments but I knew I had to crank it up. We did and the last four weeks have seen remarkable change. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and there’s been quite a few lapses but easy to get back on track. Best of all I feel healthier and stronger and proud of my efforts.


Alex gentle supports the journey with tips, recipes, encouragement and nutrition expertise. Her passion is contagious and her holistic approach can give you the tools needed to make lifelong change. 

I thank Alex and can wholeheartedly recommend Revival Nutrition".

Kathy, 2018

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Gut Health and Fermentation Workshop

"Thanks Alex for your wonderful Gut information class.


Not only, are you a highly knowledgeable teacher, but you are also great to listen to.


I walked away very inspired to improve my own health and that of my family.

I look forward to your next class!!!".

Kim, 2018

Stress, energy and fatigue overhaul


"Alex is extremely passionate about nutrition and well-being. She has a wealth of knowledge and tailors personal plans and advice to each individual client.


She has a passion for wholesome food and recognises the power of food as medicine, often experimenting with new delicious wholesome recipes. Alex helps clients to align their lifestyle to their desires, encouraging you to trust your instincts and to be kind to yourself.


Alex is so genuine and cares deeply for each client and their individual goals and desires. Thank you Alex for sharing your passion with me and giving me a new found energy. I am so fortunate and grateful to have met you.

Rebecca, 2018


Hormone Balancing and Women's Health

Alex has been a wonderful inspiration in my nutritional journey. Her ability to simplify the web of conflicting information about health and diet has been invaluable. 

Her ongoing support and guidance has made me optimistic about overcoming the negative impacts of menopause and set me up to achieve good health.

Lizzie, 2016