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A Nutritionist's Experience: Chronicles of Weight Loss: Part 1

Hi there seekers of wellness. I thought I'd get into some gritty content that can lead into more gritty content on the same subject, since weight loss is such a multi-factorial topic. Also, a lecturer gave some good advice at a seminar recently about posting on things you see in clinic...sounds practical and useful for those interested, so here I am.

I'm going to cover nutritional aspects throughout these chronicles, along with holistic health which means examining the mental, emotional and physical components that bolt onto this weight loss research.

So...you're at the point of desperation, became an expert on the Atkins, Ketogenic, Paleo and many other diets, joined gyms, lost weight, gained weight, despised the image in the mirror before you then at times loved it. Yet here you are in no man's land, wondering how this one thing can still be at the core of your problems and you have somehow become slave to an obsession...weight loss.

You may have been this way all your life, it may have crept up on you over the years or maybe you have a medical condition that renders weight gain an unavoidable side effect. There's no way through it, except to acknowledge that whatever brought you to your current circumstances, you can do something about it. Now of course, there are a category of situations that I am not referring to - such as diagnosed or even undiagnosed medical conditions (of which there's lots). These chronicles aren't about finger pointing or examining will power...I just want to talk about the honest damn truth from the perspective of a 45 year old mother, wife, friend, nutritionist and happily imperfect female. And that's going to take some time.

In my short duration in clinic so far, weight loss has been the over riding presenting condition. Women, varying ages, well educated, seem to be the commonalities along with being busy. I also hear tiredness, fatigue, little time to prepare meals, inconsistent exercise and lack of good sleep also coming through as big themes. These women are strong, beautiful, kind souls who mostly put themselves at the lower end of the priority list, are burning out and desperately need direction. I hear them because I felt the same way. (And at times still do).

Here I am in my Embrace (The Documentary) T-Shirt.  You have to see it!

But first things first - I want to state that my focus isn't on weight loss for the fitness industry or to look a certain way. It's purely about achieving a healthy weight for beautiful unique you, that your body is happy to stay at and allows you to devote your time to so many more amazing things than obsession about body image. I feel strongly about this because I too, suffered at the mercy of society's expectations, images and treatment of women based on their physical merits rather than the really cool shit inside. I didn't have an eating disorder - but on reflection, I know I had an unhealthy distraction with body image. Thankfully these days, we have champions like Taryn Brumfitt from The Body Image Movement, Body Positive Australia, Summer Innanen - Body Image Coach and tons of other great chicks who are changing the landscape we women stand on when it comes to our worth and value on this planet.

Now that I've cleared that up, I will address Body Image in another post, because for many, it is inextricably tied to motivation for weight loss. As you can see, there's a lot of work to be done here, by educators and practitioners and those that sit on the other side of the desk - you!

Weight problems are multi-factorial so we do need to take a good hard look at ourselves if we truly want to resolve our relationship with ourselves, our lives, our bodies.

So strap in for the ride, Seekers of Wellness. Please drop me a line or contact me if you want to discuss anything that may come up for you.

Alex x

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