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Welcome to Well Being at Revival Nutrition!

Hello friends!

I created Revival Nutrition in response to the overwhelming confusion and misrepresentation I’m observing, that’s taking place in our communities regarding food, health and well-being. I am also fascinated with learning about little changes we can make to our lifestyles that can drastically alter our long term health – that’s exciting because it’s relatively simple stuff!

My wish is to educate and navigate people through their own health journey, whatever their needs may be, at whatever time in their life. Through the experiences, lifestyle, socio-demographic profile or education people have had, they have made choices that have effected their health. These choices show up as diseases of the body, mental health issues and unresolved chronic disorders which eventually start to wear us down.

I think knowledge about such an important issue should be accessible and easy to incorporate into everyday life for all people privileged enough to live in Australia.

Modern Influences

Our modern world has transformed the way we shop for food, prepare meals, socialise, have access to food, use food to nourish or punish ourselves or seek solace and refuge in its comfort. It is so intricately interwoven through our lives that we are mostly oblivious to the power and control it has over many of us.

We live in a world where people seek the expertise of life coaches, fitness coaches, business coaches….now Revival Nutrition offers personalised holistic nutritional lifestyle coaching.

I would like to work with people in a collaborative, open style and easy manner to find solutions to fit the individual. The goal of Revival Nutrition is to assist people discover their own, unique needs and what is best for their body. The focus is going back to basics….we talk about the food our grandparents ate, yet many of us may not have had that experience, forgotten or have lost touch with cooking. Through the education process Revival Nutrition will steer people towards what their bodies need to thrive and function at optimum level.

Forging a way forward

In the world of today people are beginning to question what has never been challenged and are unsatisfied with current solutions for long term health. I intend to empower people with knowledge by helping them take accountability and responsibility for their own health outcomes. This process will come about by looking at the big picture, combining traditional and conventional ideas but respecting the individual’s wishes, as it is they who intimately know what is best for their body.

Food is wonderful and delicious! We are inherently drawn to it but over time have lost our connection to its medicinal value. I want every client to find this connection by following some easy principles…simple ideas, real food and a holistic approach.

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