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My Story


Hello friends. 

As a qualified nutritionist, I love food, but in recent years my direction has changed.  I've realised there's more to health than just the fuel that goes in our mouth.  


So with this in mind, I have created Revival Nutrition to revive people using Nutrition, Lifestyle practises and yoga.

Women's Health

Being in my mid 40s and going through the journey of hormonal transition, I have come to understand how important it is to keep my hormones balanced.  I see so many women who are going through that same journey but don't know where to start or how to manage their symptoms.  

There is little information available to women about what's going on or what this phase of life is called! Terms like Peri-menopause were not around a few years ago.  The mainstream offerings to manage signs and symptoms are not a solution - taking back your power and knowledge is.  You don't have to "suck it up" or "get over it".  How you feel is real and legitimate and there's science to back it!

I've used myself as a guinea pig these last 9 years to trial food, exercise and supplement protocols but realised there were a few pieces missing - spirituality, personal development, daily practices. 


Yoga has helped me to manage the daily shuffle of life so much.  I realised it was the key to be able to deliver a holistic solution for women.  This has been a gamechanger!

Nutrition, Yoga, Lifestyle Modification

Revival Nutrition operates on the principle of a holistic approach for treatment – considering your body, mind and soul as integral parts of the whole individual.  An approach that encourages balance.

I believe we need to be incorporating daily basic lifestyle practises before trying to tweak or "bio-hack" our body.  If we don't have the basics in place, how we can expect our bodies to respond to specific treatments?


Once the basics are in place, I then begin looking at your unique genetic footprint to help customise a Wellness Blueprint Plan just for you! 

Please reach out and connect with me if my message resonates with you!

Alex x